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Lapita Voyage - in polynesischen Booten - nach polynesischer Navigation
Where there is a rainbow rain shouldn’t be too far away

Where there is a rainbow rain shouldn’t be too far away


Out of 180 sailing days there wasn’t one entire day of delight sailing


Out of 180 sailing days there wasn’t one entire day of delight sailing


The catamaran “Lapita Anuta” at sea


The catamaran “Lapita Anuta” at sea


Up to the Solomon Isl. we were sailing under German flags


Up to the Solomon Isl. we were sailing under German flags


Endless periods of rain made us think more of North Sea than of South Sea


Endless periods of rain made us think more of North Sea than of South Sea

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The Lapita Voyage was sailed from November 2008 till March 2009 in six legs:

  1. Bohol to Ternate (Indonesia),
  2. Ternate to Jayapura (New Guinea),
  3. Jayapura to Raboul (New Britain),
  4. Rabaul to Honiara (Solomons),
  5. Honiara to Lata (Santa Cruz),
  6. Lata to Tikopia and Anuta.

As well as the skippers Hanneke Boon (Lapita Anuta) with James Wharram, and Klaus Hympendahl (Lapita Tikopia), there was a changing crew of people on the six legs of the voyage, many of whom had paid towards the building of the two boats.


Hannes Dehner  

Hannes Dehner,
69 years
He used to run a public relations agency. His 39bft yacht is moored in Croatia. Hannes lives in Neuss near Düsseldorf.


Christoph J. Hagmann  

Christoph J. Hagmann,
65 years
Car expert witness in Mönchengladbach. Member of the Düsseldorf Yachtclub (DYC). He runs Navigators International a charter and brokerage company based on Mallorca and in Düsseldorf.

Gisela Hülsewede  

Gisela Hülsewede,
68 years
Retired teacher from Düsseldorf. Experienced in yachts mainly cruising in the Med. Maybe she will write a children’s book after coming back.

Philipp Hympendahl  

Philipp Hympendahl,
40 years
Son of Klaus Hympendahl is a free lanced photographer. A racer with an own 6,50 m Proga based on Mallorca. In 1995 he sailed from Guatemala to Tahiti.

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lacoste  

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lacoste,
64 years
Ex manager of Vorwerk & Co, Wuppertal. Member of DYC. French born Jean-Pierre studied in Aachen Germany and lives now in Düsseldorf. 

Bettina Leyer-Pritzkow  

Bettina Leyer-Pritzkow,
50 years
The mother of three boys lives in Düsseldorf. In 1980 she crossed the Atlantic with Klaus Hympendahl on his 10 m small sailing vessel AFRICAN QUEEN. She is looking for another adventure.

Nada Mandelbaum  

Nada Mandelbaum,
61 years
Artist, dance therapist based in Olhao Portugal. She lives just next to the Atlantic, loves water, paints mainly banana trees and likes to study ethnic dances. She is not an experienced sailor.

Peter Otte  

Peter Otte,
66 years
Teacher, owner of a catamaran based in Holland. Experienced sailor with an Atlantic crossing. Peter is very much interested in Polynesian catamarans.

Eve Sattler  

Eve Sattler,
30 years
Studied German studies and sociology. Eve works for an economic magazine as an editor. She is not an experienced sailor.

Karl W. Schalk  

Karl W. Schalk,
65 years
For many years Karl was member of  a charter crew. They crused the Med, Carribean and in Tonga. He runs a design agency in Düsseldorf. Karl is not replaceable for he plays the guitar, he sings and cooks.

Rüdiger Weinauge  

Rüdiger Weinauge,
45 years
Architect based in Frankfurt. Rudi is a globetrotter and an enthusiastic sailor. He will join the expedition on four out of six stages. He once visited the Pacific islands and wants to go back desperately.

Dr. Christoph Fahr-Becker  

Dr. Christoph Fahr-Becker,
64 years
Ex member of board of directors of Readymix Beton AG. He lives on Mallorca and in Düsseldorf. Christoph an allround sportsman speaks English, French, Spanish fluently.

Matt Fletcher   Matt Fletcher,
36 years

Ex BBC employee. Bristol based Matt joined me three years ago sailing from Fiji to Anuta, Tikopia and Vanuatu. We were asking the chiefs on Anuta for a film permission for the BBC series Tribe. Matt was the only crew joining us during all stages.
Jamie Wharram   Jamie Wharram
23 years
Son of James and Hanneke. Joined the voyage in Honiara for the final part. Sailed round the World as a child on Spirit of Gaia, was crew on the 30m Vikingship replica Seastallion on voyage from Dublin to Denmark in 2008. Was prepared to cook in all weather conditions.
Dr. Eusibio Dizon (Dr. Bong)   Dr. Eusibio Dizon (Dr. Bong)
Filipino archaeologist with a lot of fieldwork and underwater research experience. Though never sailed before, Dr. Bong was a natural seaman and very quickly adapted to simple boat living. During his week aboard ‘Lapita Anuta’ he and James had an ongoing seminar on Early Man’s boat use.
Prof. Atholl Anderson  

Prof. Atholl Anderson
Crew on ‘Lapita Anuta’ from Honiara to Lata. A yachtsman and scientist with a deep interest in the Polynesian migrations, he had a chance to experience bad weather and head winds on a traditional double canoe on the 6 day voyage from Makira to Lata.

Tulano Toloa  

Tulano Toloa
Navigator from Tokelau who now lives in New Zealand. Joined the expedition in Honiara as expert in non-instrument navigation. Navigated ‘Lapita Anuta’ over 170Nm of open ocean.

Caulton Koriga  

Caulton Koriga
Anutan school teacher, joined the voyage in Lata to help sail ‘Lapita Anuta’ to his native island.

Ingo Isensee  

Ingo Isensee
Professional German cameraman, sailed 1st leg and last legs from Honiara to record the voyage for a television documentary.

Anutan crew  

Anutan crew
In Anuta a selected Anutan crew took over the ‘Lapita Anuta’. They joined the 5 original crew for the last stretch to Tikopia and to then sail the boat back to Anuta.

John Tomotu & John Fontonu  

John Tomotu
& John Fontonu

Davidson Sokoti, John Fontonu  

Davidson Sokoti
& John Fontonu

Chief navigator Frederic Tekauariki  

Chief navigator Frederic Tekauariki

Joseph Maru Matua  

Joseph Maru Matua

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